Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear friends of the Republic,

Dear friends of the Republic,
Below, you will find a letter to Tim Turner that was sent to him today.  It is our opinion that since the National level, executive and legislative, have attempted to usurp the individual state's freedoms and assert control over our individual states that they have abandoned the ideals of the Republic.  It is our duty to recover the Republic and inhabit it properly.
Inhabiting the Republic is a sacred responsibility and honor.  It is our obligation as a whole to ensure it is done correctly and in accordance with how it was intended by our founding fathers. 
Thankfully, between us in Florida and other states who are in agreement with us, we have communication lines open to all the 50 states.  We will have a formidable structure.  Each state will develop itself with the aid and counsel of other states if needed and requested.  It is imperative that all free states maintain self control and from the bottom up.  The basic structure is already in place.  Not only can we do this, we can accomplish this much better and stronger by developing at county and state levels.
Funding is on the horizon for the individual states and with a better plan than originally anticipated.  The bottom line is nothing will be funded except a bottom up government adherent to our Bill of Rights and organic Constitution in accordance with our founding fathers.  Faith, trust, confidence and a lot of work will be required.  Together, we can do this.  It will require us all working together and helping each other.  We are already putting things in place.  Join us.  Your input is invaluable.
This is our golden opportunity to replace the greed-driven structure that has had a stranglehold on the planet for most of history.  It is time now to put in place a structure based on love, unity and peace.  It is up to each of us to play our part in making this happen.  Never doubt the awesome possibilities that are before us!!
Thank you all for your continued love and support.   Make room for more wonderful things in your lives because they are on the way.  Open yourselves to receive.  We are overjoyed!
God-speed and harmony,
Mary Heiler
PS:  As always, the only people receiving this email are those who requested to be on our list.  M.
Dear Tim,
It has become very apparent that since Susan and I brought forth the message from the "funders" regarding funds for the individual states, this "house" has become divided.  No doubt this has become a curse to you.  All the while, it has been a great blessing to me and Susan.  Many truths have become glaringly and painfully obvious. 
Some of these truths are the following:
  • That no matter how many times you have stated that the States tell you what to do, that is not true.  If States attempt self control, they are dismantled and regrouped with people who are aligned with your way of thinking.
  • That the very way you are setting things up are from the top down.  Congress has two masters.   They wear two hats and when they change hats, they change jurisdiction.  As members of the national congress, their allegiance is to national first.  Then as state legislators, they are servants to their individual states secondarily.  This is what allows you to come in and dismantle the various states as they cause problems for you.  This is just wrong on every level.
  • That you have appointed proctors in the several states who are there to oversee what is going on in their states and report back to you.  Anyone who is non-compliant to your wishes or plans is removed.  We know that plans are in the making to remove Susan, an elected ambassador and not appointed by you, and myself, Florida Representative.  Your proctor here in Florida told me that last Friday.  State elections and the will of the People make no difference.
The Florida proctor told me that we should simply go our own way and do our own thing.  We are taking that suggestion quite literally.  It will no longer be necessary for you to concern yourself about removing us.  We are leaving your "house" and are building a castle for the People.  Because of the snowballing support from other states, we know that we are doing the right thing.  We will re-inhabit true republics because each State will be a republic unto itself.  A genuine bottom-up government will created of the People, by the People and for the People as was originally intended.  We will not have to wait for or hope that your top-down government will be "flipped" when you finish it.
We most graciously appreciate all you have accomplished in creating a collective structure of all the States.  We States will be able to utilize your structure and take it from here.  Each State will be able to grow itself the way it wants.  Any fledgling States that require assistance, other free states will lovingly assist.  The States will collectively decide to what degree a national administration will be needed.  The word administration is used because we do not want to be GOVERNED by national ever again.
So, we thank you, Tim, for what you have done for us--for all the prodding, the pushing, the cultivating and educating.  It is time for the States to "spread our wings".  We would not have done this or be where we are without your tireless dedication.  Proudly, we stand and salute you for what has precipitated through your efforts.
May you forever be blessed.  And may God bless us all for we are all ONE under God.  We welcome all with open arms--Christians and non-Christians.  May the Light shine on all our respective paths that we may see clearly with loving intent!!!  Peace be with us all.
Mary Heiler

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